Changing diapers. Doing laundry. Getting up at four on a snowy morning to go to work. Most of life is composed of quiet people doing quiet things which shape their destiny. In other words, the world that you and I know turns mainly on the cumulative effect of small things.

“The Gift of Small Things” is a blog dedicated to the value and sanctity of small things. Not just physically small things, but things that are little valued in our time: old things, young things, poor and rural and broken things. Uncompetitive things, imperfect things, inefficient and obscure and unborn things. Honorable, faithful, and devoted things. Things which fail to pad the bottom line but which nevertheless shape our souls. Such things are gifts from God.

A word about the tagline:

Truth – I try to write true sentences…

Beauty – …in a beautiful way…

Stickiness – …which proves memorable.


Steve Smith is a writer who lives with his wife and sons in Columbus, Ohio.


You can find Steve’s other blog–about matters related to spiritual abuse and healthy church leadership–at Liberty for Captives.

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